What exactly is Hunch Metrics?

Revenue Attribution is something that many companies know they need but have no idea how to get started with it or even where to find it.

Trust me, I spent 7 months trying to find one that did everything we need and still got nowhere (so we decided to build one).

In this post, I wanted to take you through a couple of points about Hunch Metrics and while it’s still early days, our Beta list has been growing quicker than expected so I thought I’d put this post together.

What problem is Hunch Metrics solving?

The problem that Hunch Metrics is trying to solve one that seems simple but is in fact so hard:

Attributing revenue to sources!

All of the marketing attribution platforms have the ability to track things like clicks, impressions, and conversions, which is great! But how many times have you wished for a platform that could tell you exactly where your revenue was coming from?

The thing we have found from experience (and months of searching) is that many businesses can attribute a conversion, but have a look at the diagram below:

Do you see the problem? As a marketer seeing sign-ups or other conversions is great but what does it really mean if your revenue isn’t increasing?

The way I look at it is your Google Ads might generate an amazing return on conversions, so you funnel more money into it and then at the end of the month your conversions have increased 30% but your revenue stayed that same. What’s the problem?

Well take a look at the below:

With Hunch Metric’s revenue attribution model, you can see all of your conversions but go one step further and attribute your revenue.

So with our model, you may have found that while Google Ads generates the most conversions, it’s actually LinkedIn that generates the more revenue. Giving you the power to capitalise on the opportunity and reduce your Google Ads spend but increase your LinkedIn spend.

Who is Hunch Metrics for?

While Hunch Metrics can be applied to any company spending money on paid ads. I’ve narrowed it down to the companies and industries I think could benefit the most:

  • SaaS — As you might know a SaaS funnel has two big events in a funnel. A sign-up or trial and then the paying customer. All SaaS businesses know it’s easy to track where a conversion comes from but how many of those SaaS businesses lose visualisation once their on the app? With Hunch Metrics you can track new paying revenue to first touch.
  • Agencies — Agencies work with a lot of clients at any given time. Hunch Metrics allows you to see the opportunities for your clients and reduce the spending and increase the ROI with revenue attribution.
  • Startups — Startups don’t have a lot of cash to burn and most marketing platforms are not cheap (I once got quoted for $120k for an attribution platform), so we wanted to create a platform that could help startups scale without costing a bomb.

How does Hunch Metrics work?

Without giving away too much of the secret source, we use first-party cookies to identify a users first touch to your website and assign an anonymous ID to the user which allows us to attribute the revenue to an anonymous ID.

As time goes on and the user engages more with your platform, for example, downloads an ebook, more information about that user will be unlocked. Giving you robust data that updates on the go.

As time goes on your database and attribution becomes better, and better!

When is the Beta launching?

We’ve been making some huge progress and it’s looking like the Beta will be launching before the end of January. Sounds like a long time but it’s only a couple of months!

If you want to be apart of the Beta list, our Beta list is getting longer everyday and will cut off eventually. You can sign up from the button at the top in our menu.

Originally published at https://hunchmetrics.co on November 9, 2020.




All things marketing and attribution | www.hunchmetrics.co

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Hunch Metrics

Hunch Metrics

All things marketing and attribution | www.hunchmetrics.co

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